Our sales market

Our company has an experienced and skilled sales and service team, in the whole of China a comprehensive sales and service network. In order to better serve our customers, we have established a number of SBM quarry crusher working bodies in the country 15 provinces and municipalities, and in five provinces of the country moving mechanism.

VSI sand making machine main features

  • 1, VSI sand making machine international quality assurance - the latest foreign technology Advanced riveting technology and the appearance of automotive technology Sandblasting New Year's Eve treatment and painting process applications, which greatly improves the quality of the equipment's inherent quality and appearance. Core components are made of internationally renowned brands (bearings using high-precision rolling bearings), to ensure low failure rate system.
  • 2, VSI sand making machine capacity, high yield - 50-500t / h, compared with the same power at the traditional equipment, the output increased by 30% and stable.
  • 3, VSI sand making machine easy to install, easy to operate - equipment, light weight, the installation of a variety of ways, removable installation; installation, repair and maintenance is simple, easy to operate; once clear the specific use, VSI sand making machine only minor Adjust, you can maximize its outstanding performance.
  • 4, VSI sand making machine wearing parts consumption is low - the best crushing chamber material impact angle design, and wear parts friction less than 40% lower operating costs of traditional equipment, directly reducing the cost of equipment.
  • 5. VSI sand making machine has excellent grain shape - the product is cube, the grain type is good, the grade is reasonable, the fineness modulus can be adjusted is especially suitable for artificial sand making and stone shaping, and the practice proves that the sand making and shaping effect is better than other traditional equipment Increase by 30%.
  • 6, VSI sand making machine thin oil lubrication, automatic maintenance - the use of imported thin oil lubrication station, double oil pump to ensure that the complementary oil; no oil flow, no oil pressure automatically shut down; water cooling, winter motor heating start.
  • 7, VSI sand making machine hydraulic device, easy to maintain - hydraulic opening device, so that the internal sand making machine parts replacement easy and quick, reducing downtime, saving time and effort.
  • 8, VSI sand making machine with a multi-purpose, flexible use - a unique feed crushing structure, with a variety of crushing cavity, can be easily achieved "stone stone" and "stone blacksmith" conversion, which Solve a multi-purpose machine problems. If you need to change the application of VSI sand making machine, you can adapt to the different needs of users without making big adjustments: sand making, shaping, abrasion material and so on.
  • 9, VSI sand making machine pay attention to environmental protection - equipment noise, pollution-free. Unique air from the circulatory system, greatly reducing the exhaust volume, reduce dust, conducive to environmental protection. In addition VSI sand machine machine reserved and suitable for installation of a variety of specifications dust removal equipment.